Scotia’s Vision

Our vision is to create desirable neighbourhoods and be regarded as the developer of choice by our customers; employees; and other key stakeholders. To achieve this vision, we will strive to continually improve our performance in relation to our 5 key areas;


At every level, individual and collective, we aim to make Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality responsibility, central to everything we do – in our offices, on our sites, and in all our contact with fellow workers, contractors or members of the public. Committing to HSEQ is not just an option, it’s the way we want to do business and we all need to make sure we keep on getting better and better in every way.

Our People

Our team of employees are the foundation to our business and our future success relies upon them. A safe and healthy environment in which our people can develop their skills is fundamental.


Our customers are at the core of our business, and we look to continually improve the experience throughout the process. We strive for recognition at the NHBC Pride in the Job awards and to consistently achieve 5-star builder status through the NHBC Customer Survey.


From inception to delivery, Scotia will look to create sustainable places so that our customers and stakeholders can enjoy the benefits for generations to come. Our aim is to minimise energy use and maximise low carbon opportunities across 3 key areas being: Operations; House Build; and the Lifetime Performance of our Homes.


Our aim is to sell and build 350 new homes per year by investing wisely and adding value for our stakeholders. Being operationally efficient is essential to safeguarding the long-term sustainability of our business.

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